iDea Fan Deck

Catalyze your problem-solving! The iDea Fan Deck is a design-based problem-solving tool that provides process and prompts to enhance your capacity in any field. The culmination of examining design thinking and the design processes of many fields, the iDea Fan Deck is color-coded and icon-based, dividing the problem-solving process into three major phases: Understand, Imagine, and Iterate. The tool can be used to address problems from pre-start to implementation, or as an iterative prompt to spark a stalled process.

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Design Thinking Cards

Develop the innovator in you!...or your team! The Design Thinking Cards focus on the six mental habits that comprise design thinking: user-centeredness, divergent, integrative, explorative, multi-disciplinary, and iterative. Each card contains a prompting question (Ask) and an activity (Try) to help you develop the design habits of mind. The 46 card deck includes six cards of each design thinking habit, six "Wild Idea" cards for prompting idea-generation, and instruction cards. Color-coded by habit, and numbered, the deck offers many opportunities for dividing groups to maximize innovation! Contact us directly for orders -  $10/deck +S/H.